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Our Vacation Homes

The Vacation Rentals advertised in the Vacation Places to Stay network are located near popular vacation travel destinations, frequently in the same town. These vacation properties offer privacy, convenience and value to you, the traveler, as well as some amenities not usually found at a hotel. These amenities may include a private pool, hot tub/jacuzzi, or allowing the family pet.

All of these options can be searched for within our network of rental homes, allowing the holiday traveler to compare the features of vacation homes for the area of interest. You can also find information about attractions and activities in the area, including which cities and towns these are located in. If you are interested in a beach vacation, our network can help you find rental homes near businesses that offer scuba diving packages, boating or fishing charters, or surf shops. For ski holidays, vacation homes near ski areas are important, as well as equipment rental locations, activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing and tours.

Our vacation rentals are also perfect for holiday stays such as Christmas and New Years, where you can enjoy activities such as swimming and scuba diving in some areas, or skiing and snowmobiling in others. Golfing vacations are also popular and we provide information on which rental homes are near local golf courses.

Once you have found the rental home that suits your individual need, we provide you the information required to contact the owner or manager of the rental home for availability and reservation information. Our network also provides information on rates for different seasons of the year. Most owners will require a deposit to reserve a rental home. Many rental homes have a choice of a daily or weekly rate, with some offering a monthly rate at a substantial discount.

St. Augustine Vacation Rental Homes

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